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The global clear energy invest capital over 10 thousand billion from Jan to Sep in 2014

2015/1/26      view:

2014 three quarters of the total global clean energy investment reached $ 175.1 billion (about 1.07 trillion yuan), an increase of 16%.

Among them, the clean energy investments in the third quarter was $ 55 billion (US $ 337.645 billion yuan), an increase of 12%, but compared to $ 65.2 billion (about 400.26 billion yuan) in the second quarter of this year decreased by 16% .

January-September the global clean energy investments over 1 trillion yuan

In the third quarter, China's solar sector investment reached $ 12.2 billion (about 74.9 billion yuan), a record high, only $ 7.5 billion last year (about 46.04 billion yuan), in the second quarter of this year was $ 8,000,000,000 (approximately combined 49.11 billion yuan). It is reported that China is vigorously building large-scale solar photovoltaic power generation projects and connect the country's main transmission network, increase the proportion of renewable energy energy structure. Is expected to close by the end of 2014, China's solar PV installed capacity will reach 13-14 GW, accounting for about one-third of the world.

Clean energy investment growth in the third quarter, as well as Japan, the amount of investment reached $ 8.6 billion (about 52.8 billion yuan), an increase of 17%, of which solar energy is dominant. Compared with other countries in the previous quarter, showing growth along with Canada, France and India. In addition, emerging markets such as Myanmar and Sri Lanka, as well as many important financing for renewable energy projects.

Chairman of Bloomberg New Energy Finance Advisory Committee MichaelLiebreich said, "We can see investment in clean energy sector in 2014 showed an upward trend, which is pleasing thing, especially in the field of solar energy. Of course, the development of wind power is not inferior."

The third quarter of this year, asset finance clean energy projects, including wind farms, solar power plants and geothermal power plants, etc., to reach $ 33.3 billion (about 204.43 billion yuan), slightly higher than $ 32.8 billion over the same period last year (approximately close 201.36 billion yuan); investment in small-scale clean energy projects such as rooftop solar power generation to reach $ 18.3 billion (about 112.344 billion yuan), higher than last year's $ 13.9 billion (about 85.33 billion yuan); VCs and private equity investment reached 918 million US dollars (about 5.63 billion yuan), the same period last year for $ 592 million (about 3.634 billion yuan).

In addition, the third quarter of this year to get the biggest single investment in clean energy projects are in the Seto Japan Shizen photovoltaic energy projects get $ 1.1 billion investment (about 6.75 billion yuan), followed by China Longyang Gorge Hydropower Station to get $ 850 million (about 5.22 billion yuan) investment, as well as Dublin trash-to-energy project was $ 642 million (about 3.94 billion yuan) investment.

MichaelLiebreich said, "Nevertheless, we can not be complacent, because between the year 2014 with a total investment in clean energy in 2000-3000 billion (about one trillion yuan RMB 1.22-1.84) does not meet the needs of the rapid transformation of the energy system. Policy instability still hit the confidence of investors. "

In this paper, the real-time exchange rate $ 1 = 6.1390 yuan RMB